【Pineapple Cake Gift Set】

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WTC Café is introducing our special pineapple cake filled with

duck egg yolk. WTC Café uses Golden Diamond pineapples

and salted duck’s egg yolk to make the filling, yielding the

perfect balance of flavors. All pineapple cakes are handmade by

our former TWTC Club pastry chefs with no preservatives or

additives, just the simple flavors of natural ingredients. WTC Café

season-limited pineapple cake is the not to be missed classic

festive gift.


Pineapple Cake Gift Set   NT$699/12pcs/box 

Pineapple Cake Gift Set   NT$399/7pcs/box

Pineapple Cake with duck’s egg yolk Gift Set  NT$799/12pcs/box

Pineapple Cake with duck’s egg yolk Gift Set  NT$499/7pcs/box




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